Options for Dining in La Tania Ski Resort

Regarding an occasion in a ski chalet, La Tania’s settlement choices are magnificent. The resort is exceptionally overall encouraged and you’ll discover nothing needing as far as nourishment and diversion. The resort has various great eating out alternatives, including a Michelin star appraised gourmet restaurant.

Here are a couple of your alternatives in the matter of how and what you’ll consume while staying I this gorgeous Alpine resort.

Home-cooked Goodness

In case you’re staying in a cooked chalet, La Tania exceeds expectations in appreciation to the culinary offerings you’ll be served up. The preferences of booking catered settlement are various and you’ll positively have the capacity to feel like its your home far from home – with the exception of better, on the grounds that another person will be doing the cooking and cleaning! On the off chance that you would like to do your own particular cooking, notwithstanding, there are basic supply shops nearby where you can get add-ins and supplies, including a boulangerie. The neighborhood general sustenance store, called La Saucisse Savoyarde, ought to have the capacity to give you a large portion of your needs, from new create (yes, that is accessible up there!) to a fine choice of cheeses, wine, Savoyard items, and even great old British foodstuffs. In case you’re so tired it would be impossible cook, you can attempt their exceptional rich rotisserie chicken and potatoes to take away.

Eating Up On the Slopes

On the off chance that you need to make tracks in an opposite direction from your chalet, La Tania has some superb eating offerings. On account of its well known area in the acclaimed Three Valleys range, eating choices possess large amounts of and around the resort itself – including up on the inclines. Against a background of marvelous perspectives, even the non-skiers in your gathering can revel in a supper at a few spots. For one illustration, close to the highest point of the La Tania gondola is an enchanting restaurant called Le Bouc Blanc, where you can delight in a tasty hot supper served on the extensive patio – its a marvelous area and the perspectives ought to be all that anyone could need to make you disregard your hurting muscles. A bit further away, in the event that you take the Dou des Lanches lift after the gondola, there’s an alternate amazing restaurant called Le Roc. It has an extremely uncommon bid of its own, with marvelous 360-degree perspectives of the encompassing scene from its welcoming sun porch.


One extraordinary thing about staying in a neighborhood chalet (La Tania’s convenience is arranged so that you’re never a long way from anything you need) is that in case you’re nearby, your decisions flourish. While there are short of what twelve eating places in the resort, it is an overall adjusted, even great choice – extending from a little take-out spot to a recompense winning gourmet restaurant with worldwide prestige. Le Farcon has a highly desired Michelin star to its name, because of its remarkable conveyance of local French cooking with a turn, while for a feel-decent supper, there’s the enjoyable La Ferme, with its tasty choice of crepes and various nearby Savoyard fortes. In case you’re up for a feast of customary French mussels and chips, head to Les Marmottons, and for take-out sandwiches, paninis and pizzas, you can get a snappy chomp at the lunch room Le Snow Food.